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Pfizer Inc. said it halted one of four late-stage studies for the kidney cancer drug Sutent in patients with advanced breast cancer.


Main Category: Breast Cancer Also Included In: Preventive Medicine ; Primary Care / General Practice ; Women's Health / Gynecology Article Date: 01 Apr 2009 - 7:00 PDT printer friendly view / write opinions rate article Health officials in Britain are re-evaluating...


Acting CEO of Eastern Health Louise Jones speaks to reporters after the Cameron Inquiry report on botched cancer tests was released to the public in St.


Abstract CYR61 , a member of the cysteine rich 61/connective tissue growth factor/nephroblastoma overexpressed family of growth regulators , is a pro-angiogenic factor that mediates diverse roles in development, cell proliferation, and tumorigenesis.


Identifying the specific contributions of the potential causes of this long-term increase and the recent decrease in incidence has been challenging.


Abstract BackgroundThe Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool of the National Cancer Institute is widely used for counseling and determining eligibility for breast cancer prevention trials, although its validity for projecting risk in African American women is uncertain.


No woman ever wants to learn that she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.


US experts aiming to promote better-informed decision making in healthcare have questioned the benefits of mammography for breast cancer screening, saying that to save one life, nearly 3,000 women have to be tested.


Brian Rowan, Ph.D., professor of Cancer Research for the Tulane Cancer Center, is studying treatment options for an aggressive type of breast cancer that is prevalent in New Orleans among African-American women triple-negative breast cancer.

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